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Through a synchronicity of events, we were urged to bring forth a series of processes to help our planet at this time of great shift. The first two gifts of co-creation are the Universal Sphere® and the 111™ Activation.

Universal Sphere
Universal Sphere®

The Universal Sphere first came through in December 2011 by one of our messengers of Higher Guidance whose name is Ashtar. The Universal Sphere allows us the opportunity to interact with the vibration of the Universe, which is our essence in its perfection. It is also the inherent vibration of our heart. The Universal Sphere allows a connection to be made between our human heart and the Heart of the Universe. “Perfection in the Palm of your hand.”
“The harmonics of the vibration upon which the Universal Sphere is created is the energetic of the ‘ideal vibration of the heart,’ the vibration of the heart at its optimal level.” – Ashtar, Dec 24, 2011

111 Activation
The 111 Activation is a “Light Vehicle of Transformation” that allows us to carry more light.
It is a 30-minute transformational, energetic session in which a new structure is overlaid without physical touching, working within the quantum field.
The 111 Activation is the first step of a series of experiences. Having multiple experiences will open us to more light in progressive stages, at a rate which the physicality can handle.
It is designed to help a person move forward on his/her journey in this time of ascension.