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111 Activation and the Universal Sphere®
It was great to have the opportunity to speak with you.
My wife Janice, received a 111 Activation and the Universal Sphere last week. At that time I had no previous knowledge of what either entailed.
As a small child, I was gifted with the ability to “see” in a way that most people can not understand. When I returned home after her session, I noticed a sphere of unusual energy that I had never seen before present in her body, resonating from her throat down to her mid abdomen and through the full thickness of her body. This new energy continued to be active throughout her entire luminous field. This sphere is still present in her over a week later.
In forty plus years, I have witnessed changes in people and their energies by almost every modality you could imagine, however, I have never seen anything last more than a day or two at most. I am speaking in terms of the energy here.
Janice, has been on an extensive journey, over many years and has been exposed to many methods and courses of training, including becoming a Masa carrying shaman, and a Reconnective practitioner. I have been witness to many changes, some subtle and some more invasive.
The 111 activation along with the Universal Sphere is proving to be a modality that has facilitated a measurable change that appears to actually stay and to continue on.
I find it amazing and easier to speak on what I can “see” and have witnessed,rather than write about it.
Thank you,
– R.W. Aug 2012
After 5 to 10 minutes, I felt what can best be described as an immense wave of energy just slamming into me and I began to vibrate & ring like a brass bell that was struck by a huge hammer It felt as if the waves of my ringing body spread out into infinity. That was just the beginning.

What followed cannot be described in words, as most of what transpired occurred beyond my conscious awareness. All I can say with certainty is that it was immensely profound and very powerful. Waves and waves of this just kept coming.

Sometimes I felt that it was over and I thought about getting up, but I remembered you saying to just allow more time and, sure enough, another wave of energy would wash over me. This happened several times.

It was an awesome experience, but as we know, experiences are just that and they come and go.

I am already beginning to notice some significant changes within a week: My daily meditations are becoming much deeper than ever, some of my new healing clients are reporting some remarkable healings and improvements, I’m noticing increase an in synchronicities and my healing client schedule is getting fuller!!

Thank you soooo much!!!!! and I can’t wait to learn to do this myself and offer it to my clients.

Infinite Blessings & Namaste’

– JP. Apr 2013
… I have had the very uplifting experience of having had the 111 Activation and Universal Sphere done earlier this year in Alberta , Canada . It has led me to a greater knowing and has enhanced my telepathy as well ! I am finding in very subtle ways that each path I choose or decision I make is leading me to my next step on my path and I have had great insights into my previous life . Thank You so much !!!
– M.M. Sep 2012
I laid down at 5:55PM for 1 hour. I felt really beautiful vibrations and saw different colors(rose,emerald,violet,white,silver,blue,etc). I was in another(multidimentionnel) world, the vibration was really fine, delicate, subtle and powerful. I felt activations in 3rd, 4, 6, 7, Chakras. It was a really beautiful trip! Thank you very much Paul!
-M.K. Jun 2012
Thank you for your attention and for a Universal Sphere session. It was a really strong vibration, I felt calm and peaceful during and after the session. Since May 11th l’m in Paris, many things changed. I’m not really stable, but my clarity, intuition, feeling are always inside of me and l feel this Universal Sphere session help me a lot.
-M.K. May 2012
I felt buzzing in my thighs, hands, arms, chest area. Felt warmth coming from inner center (heart and solar plexus area) and emanating out. Felt whole body activated with “energy”, from feet all the way up to head. Felt something moving like a wave from feet up toward head, and with it a feeling of weightlessness and light. I was very aware of feeling the support of the floor beneath me. Then the support became like a silver-liquid substance, almost like an amoeba, and I was floating on it like a waterbed. It was contouring every curve of my body, and I was especially aware of how this felt under my hands. It was flexible, yet supportive at once.
-E.P. Jan 2012
…she said at the times she needs it most that same feeling comes over her and changes the entire situation for her. She said it has been a true blessing to her in all she is going through right now.
– Jun 2012
Dog sat my daughters dog for the weekend. It was so hyper but I grounded it and did the Universal Sphere and The 111 Activations on it. He loved it and was like a different dog today. Way calmer and he listened!!!! Right after he just looked like he was passed out on the floor he was so relaxed. Love it.
– M.V. Jun 2012
Stewie is a very cute Yorkie Maltese cross that belongs to a client. The client was very concerned as Stewie has become increasing aggressive. The client was not clear if this was due to their recent moves or perhaps an incident that had previously happened at the vet clinic. Apparently Stewie had been socializing with a very large Pit Bull in the clinic and then later when walking by him, Stewie lurched at the Pit Bull. Stewie had to be pulled out of the Pit Bull’s mouth but fortunately was OK. He had always been one to jump up at other dogs but never aggressively and since this incident seemed to be always angry. During walks there always seemed to be an issue. I felt guided to do a Universal Sphere on Stewie and we coordinated a session for him. The client reported today that Stewie is a NEW dog!! He is very peaceful and calm, and during his walk today did not show any signs of aggressive behavior towards other owners or dogs.
– H.C. Jun 2012

Akashic Record Readings
“I am still reaping the benefits our your Akashic reading! The emotional toll/drain/hell that I had been in for 27 years is honestly gone. I feel detached in a good, healthy way and not carrying around the nameless, faceless, aching grief”
“Such a powerful gift. I am awed by it, too, Holly. Who knew? Thank God/Source for speaking through you for my healing/renewal. I can still feel the freedom, tangibly. How can I express my thanks to you!! — Keep up your wonderful work!”.
– A.F.
“This was SUCH a beneficial reading for me; I cannot express to you how much. I am feeling such gratitude for your ability … It was interesting for me.. When we were done, I felt exhausted – in a good way – like I just cleared immense energy.. and then today – I am so FREE!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 The heaviness is just lifted.. That is the best way I can describe it :)”
– M.S.
“I treated myself to this for my birthday and it really gave me some perspective and insight into some issues and thoughts I had been having for years. It really helps you to see the whole picture from a complete view of your life, past, present and future. It is very healing and empowering. I was able to get a copy of mine and I have listened to it a couple of times now. It really has brought me much peace.”
– C.D.
“Thank you so much Holly, I will continue to allow myself more time to breathe and quiet down in between. Thank you again for offering this wonderful service. You are such an angel, shining a very bright light. I feel so honored to knowing you.”
– G.B.
“Hi Holly…just wanted to stop by and say thank you again for my Akashic Records Reading. An experience I’ll not forget. I’m grateful for the experience and for the time you spent with me. You’re awesome.. :-)”
– R.P.
“I just want to thank you so very much for the reading. It has brought a clarity that I needed and was searching for. I can’t thank you enough!”
– L.D.
“I absolutely loved my Akashic Record reading with Holly! I found the energy of the reading and those coming through to be truly loving, supportive and encouraging. The information I received helped me to see new perspectives and make more confident choices. I use some of the information on a daily basis, which has allowed me to bounce back into alignment even quicker and easier than before. This makes life more fun and joyful. After all, I am here for the joy of it! Thank you, Holly, for providing such a valuable service to others.”
– S.F.
“It was a very healing experience. This has been a wonderful gift from the Universe and I really thank you for helping me…from the deepest place in my soul I really, really thank you!!!!! Blessings to you always…”
– E.M.
“Thank you so much for this Holly. Very much appreciated. I hope I don’t need to tell you how tapped in you are. The information is clear and spot on. It had a very solid resonate feel, which is interesting in that it is one of the few readings that I have had that sort of sparked a stronger sense of knowingness and resolve in a different way. Difficult to explain, but it sort of felt like these pieces came together with a new “glue” if you will, pulling the disparate parts of me into a new alignment.”
– K.W.

Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection
Thank you Paul, so much,,,your sacred vibration just helped heal him upto perfection….
– A.R. May 2012
Thank you for the kind words and well wishes. I also want to thank you for scheduling me in so quickly and allowing me to receive my session on the weekend. I see the benefits of my recent healing session with you in many areas. Mostly spiritual, which is a lovely thing. I’m looking forward to this next session!
-L.M. Jan 2012
I am also pleased to report that, apart from the “normal” pains of getting older, my health has been extremely good during the past year and I am feeling really energetic and full of happiness!!! So thanks for your help in getting me through the difficult times I went through a couple of years ago.
– M.B. Nov 2011
…the last couple of days I have felt really good and very connected. I have never experienced this level of connectedness. My third eye and crown chakra feel very open.
– V.F. Oct 2011
I stopped by the office out of curiosity, not really knowing what to expect. Upon going in something just felt right. Paul explained the principals and procedure with me and I decided this was something I wanted to do. The results for me were not what I expected at all, they were much more. I thought that I would be more balanced, which I definitely am, possibly and hopefully have more energy. I have not been able to sleep without strong sleeping pills for fifteen years which was really taking a toll on me. I have tried many times to discontinue the use of sleep aids and just sleep naturally. Every attempt was unsuccessful, until this energy healing. I sleep like a baby now, have more energy and an over all more balanced feeling. I am so glad that I stopped in that day, it has really improved my life beyond what I ever expected. I have recommended this to my family and friends and I really hope they take advantage of this opportunity to make positive improvements in there wellbeing. I am grateful to Paul and his wife for what they do and wish them continued success.
– K.J. Jul 2011