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Reconnective Healing for Children

Your children can benefit from the healing available through Reconnective Healing in the same way adults are helped.

Healing, not just symptoms

More children today are being diagnosed with illnesses that are more serious/severe such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, cancer, diabetes, and more. Many parents are looking for answers and healing, not just symptom management.

How can it help?

We like to encourage you to be in the place of observing your life from what we call a “wide view”: by that we mean it is best to be observational about all aspects of your life, or your child’s life, remembering that the RH Frequencies work with us in the holistic way of body, mind, soul.

Experienced Professionals

Holly and Paul and the Reconnective Healing practitioners at Akasha Healing Studio are fully trained to offer healing sessions for adults, children, and animals. Please feel free to contact any of us to see if you feel we are the right practitioner to work with your child or your family.

Reconnective Healing for Children

Experience with Kids

We love working with kids; Holly has worked with children her whole life, including being a public school educator. We love to educate/re-educate parents & children to see the world in a different way: one that is more holistic.

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How is it done?

The Reconnective Healing sessions are non-invasive and require no direct touch. The practitioner will facilitate the healing session in a way that best meets the individual needs of your child. If your child is older, then the session can be facilitated as they relax, with their eyes closed, on a massage table. If they are younger, then they can be engaged in any quiet activity on the floor playing with toys, in your arms reading a book, or sitting in a chair coloring. We work with you to find the optimal situation for your child to experience the healing session with the greatest level of ease.

Reconnective Healing for Children