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Reconnective Healing for Animals

Reconnective Healing has the potential to assist all living things and animals respond very well. As with humans, these healing frequencies assist the animal on all levels and providing an opportunity ro return to balance.

How can it help?

We never know exactly how or what will happen for your animal in a conscious, tangible way, however, what we do know is that Reconnective Healing is a non-invasive healing experience with benefits that can include:

  • Accelerated Healing
  • Improved performance
  • Behavior Modification
  • Freedom of Movement

How long will it last?

The healings that animals experience are usually complete and permanent. They do not “wear off” with time.

How many sessions?

We only do one to three healings as it has been shown that this is normally sufficient.

When will I see change?

Your special animal may experience a healing immediately or the healing may unfold over time.

Reconnective Healing for animals

Do you have special training?

As well as being fully trained Reconnective Healing Practitioners, both Holly and Paul have had formal Reconnective Healing for Animals training, and have performed many healing sessions for animals.

We love our own pets and animals like our own children and enjoy helping other peoples’ pets just as much as helping people.

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How is it done?

Reconnective Healing is a “hands off” form of energy healing. As this is non-invasive, your special pet or animal simply lays down or is kept quiet at home while the Reconnective Healing Practitioner facilitates the Reconnective Healing Frequencies.

Where do you do it?

The healing sessions can be done at home for a domesticated pet or “on site” in cases such as a corral, field, zoo and the like. Most animals really love this and they “Soak-It-Up”.

How long is the session?

The Healing session can last up to 30 minutes, however, your animal intuitively knows when it has received enough of the Healing Frequencies and will move away.

What happens?

During the Healing Session, your pet often shows “Registers” in the form of small involuntary movements. Like small twitching movements in the eyes or lips, or rapid regular small twitching movements of the coat or legs.