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Distance Reconnective Healing

Reconnective healing is equally effective at any distance (even internationally), as it is in person. When doing a distance healing session, the person/client might be lying down and know that the session is happening, or they might not as they are busy doing something.

Do they have to know they are receiving a healing session?

No. The person/client does not need to know about the healing session in order for it to be effective. Permission does not need to be granted by the person/client because you are working the Universal Healing Frequencies that do no harm and can only help or assist someone in their life. Like you cant “inflict” a Prayer on someone”, one cannot “inflict” a healing onto another person.

Who can it help?

It can help you and your family in so many different ways Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Sometimes you may not have a remedy or solution to the problem, or for example, a father you want to help, but don’t want him to know as he wouldn’t accept your help anyway. Then Reconnective Healing can help him. The person/client does not even need to believe in Reconnective Healing, it will work regardless.

If it is difficult to get to Akasha Healing Studio, or you are uncomfortable with what it is that is wrong with you. Then you may find Distance healing more comfortable.

Reconnective Healing over distance

How does it work?

What happens is that there is a connection between you the “Client” and God/Love/Source, the innate intelligence of the Universe. This is independent of anyone’s religious or atheist views. In other words it will work whether you believe in it or not.

We also ask that you don’t tell us what is wrong since the innate intelligence in the universe is far greater than a single persons consciousness. The most appropriate healing for you at this time will unfold.
Paul, Holly and our Reconnective Practitioners are available do Distance Reconnective Healing for you.

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How is it done?

If the client knows about the session, then it can be arranged for the session to occur at a mutually agreeable time. They can chose a time and place when they can rest, lie down, or be in a quiet space in order to experience the sensations of the Reconnective Healing Frequencies.

As with a session done in person, the actual time with the healing frequencies is about a half an hour. The practitioner will contact the client at the beginning of the agreed upon time, get off the phone, and then do the session. When the session is over, the practitioner will phone the client again and debrief the experience as if they are having the session in person.

What if they don’t know?

If the client does not know about the session, and it is being arranged by someone else, the practitioner will do the session and then inform the person who arranged the session when it is complete.

Do the effects last?

Once a healing has occurred the majority of people “own” their healing, it is permanent and you don’t need to come back for “Top-Ups”.