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Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is a “hands off” form of healing that interacts with us on all levels of who we are: body, mind and soul. The healing we experience is a result of our return to balance on all levels and when you are in a healthy, vibrant state in your body, mind and soul, your life is experienced from a positive viewpoint.

Healing Holistically

We are holistic beings in that we are integrally comprised of our body, mind, emotions, and more. So, when you experience a healing session, the potential for healing is there for you as a holistic being; the healing potential exists on all levels at once. For example, if you were interested in healing for your body, you might experience that level of healing and you might experience even more in the additional aspects of who you are, such as on the mental and emotional levels as well.


If aspects of who we are and how we are experiencing our life become unbalanced we would say that we are experiencing “dis-ease”. That “dis-ease”, or lack of ease, might be expressed as an illness or emotional imbalance or the like. Interacting with these Universal Healing Frequencies allows us to return to balance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of who we are.

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Reconnective Healing

How can it help me?

Reconnective Healing can assist you in a return to balance on all levels and in so doing you experience the potential for healing on all levels. Because you are working with Universal Intelligence during your session you have the opportunity to heal on all levels all at once. It is a holistic modality in which you have the possibility to receive the healing you are looking for and more since you are being assisted and supported on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
Paul, Holly and our Reconnective Practitioners are available do Reconnective Healings for you.

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