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Channeled Information to Help you

by simplyfriday on September 6, 2011


Paul October 8, 2011 at 6:31 pm

Due to popular demand John has agreed to come back for another event. He will be back on November 19th, 7pm to 9pm at Akasha Healing Studio, Escondido in Suite A.

It will be another wonderful event of john sharing his knowledge about what he has been taught from the higher energies to help us now. Please note that John will not be presenting his work as a medium like John Holland. The purpose of this event is to show and discuss with you, a larger picture of what we are really capable of doing and how we can expand ourselves, how we can communicate to the much wiser benevolent beings that are around us who will help us gain wisdom about ourselves and our lives. They want to help us to connect deeper inside ourselves to the greater being that we are and share unconditional love to all that is.

We have some light refreshments at the short break around half way through, and at the end John has his illustrations displayed in Suite B for further discussion and to answer questions informally. Hope you come and join us, this information is important to us all, no matter what your level of interest in channeling or spiritual growth. You may simply feel some sort of inner curiosity about this, but don’t know what it is? Then most likely you will get some answers on this evening.

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