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“When you Meditate, the silence of the senses illumines the presence of God within.”
Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

At Akasha Healing Studio we offer regularly scheduled meditations allowing you time to set aside your everyday life and connect with your inner essence, giving you an experience of inner peace and tranquility. It is from this place of connection that you can access knowledge about yourself and your life, which will allow you to move through your everyday experiences with greater ease and knowingness.

What happens in the Meditation?

Our meditations are an hour long and are open to everyone from beginning to experienced meditators. The meditation leader will guide you through a gentle experience of connecting with your innate energies, the energies of the planet and the Universal Healing Energies.

We transform our healing studio for meditation with chairs and cushions to accommodate those who prefer to meditate sitting on a chair or on the floor. Please dress comfortably, if possible, however, if you are coming straight from work and are in your dress clothes, that is fine as well!

Meditation Classes at Akasha Healing Studio

General Schedule

Peaceful Merging Meditations
Alternating Fridays of every month.
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Alternating Mondays of every month.
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Peaceful Merging Meditation™

We feature the Peaceful Merging Meditation at Akasha Healing Studio. In March 2009 Holly was given this meditation from her guide, Melchizadek. Here is some of the guidance from Melchizadek about this meditation:

“It is a new time and a new way to be truly at one and at peace. From this place of Peaceful Merging you will know, feel and experience what is right, true, and authentic for you. It is a place from which the law of Attraction is centered. It is a beacon in the dark night that will call forth all that is good and positive. Essentially you will feel at one.

“Life can truly be effortless from this place of attunement. Practice this in your life constantly, keep pulling yourself back to the place of “merging”…Your beingness from this place will shift your experience of life and will impact those around you in a positive way as well”.