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Holly Hawkins Marwood

Holly Hawkins Marwood
Holly Hawkins Marwood

Holly Hawkins Marwood is a teacher, guide, and conscious channel with a lifelong passion for transformation, healing, and assisting others on their soul’s journey. Holly is an international speaker and trainer in spirituality, energy medicine, healing as well as soul and life guidance.

Holly’s gifts first emerged as a teenager when she found her passion for teaching children, and later evolved as an elementary and middle school teacher. On her personal journey to transformation, she discovered her gift and passion as a healer. She professionally stepped into this role in 2006 when she learned to do Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®, developed by Eric Pearl. She soon became an Associate Instructor and worked on the teams that traveled the globe teaching the work. Holly combined her passion for teaching children and healing when she was instrumental in the development and introduction of the Reconnective Kids program. Seeking to know more about her soul and inner healer she discovered the Akashic Records and the teachings of Linda Howe. Currently, she is a Certified Advanced Akashic Records Teacher and Reader, assisting many others in connecting with the gifts of the Akashic Records.

Coming from a family lineage of those who channel messages and teachings, Holly is a conscious channel for guidance from many sources, including the High Council of Orion, angelic realm who share global messages to assist all people in living fuller, healthier, happier, and more integrated lives.

LogoAdvCertifiedTeacher100Having fully integrated her experience and calling, Holly’s passion is guiding people to fully embrace their innate ability to access their soul’s guidance and live in the brilliance of the fullest expression of their heart and soul. Holly serves people and businesses through individually tailored guidance. She does this through the Akashic Records as a Certified Advanced teacher and reader. She also facilitates Activations (111™Activation, the Universal Sphere®, the Tree of Life Activation and the Golden Light Activation), guiding people and practitioners to learn and master Akasha Healing Transformational Processes and Programs; Holly facilitates guidance sessions, workshops and seminars both locally and internationally.
Holly has been trained to read the Akashic Records by Linda Howe through the Center for Akashic Studies.