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by Holly Hawkins Marwood on January 11, 2015

Four years ago my life changed unexpectedly. I was not looking for this change. It was nothing I had planned. In fact, in the years leading up to this day I had consciously and willfully said NO to this very change. But in it snuck…quietly and gently, knowing that it had to approach this way in order for me to say YES!

Four years ago on this day on a gorgeous remote island off the coast of Washington I began to channel. Well, I had channeled before this date, but it was random, sporadic and not something that I was saying a conscious YES to. But, it was on this day that I opened myself up to channeling on a new level. I was scared. I had to trust and I had to just “let it flow”. Luckily, I was surrounded by a group of beautiful, loving, supportive souls who I could trust to allow myself to be that vulnerable.

So began my journey with the High Council of Orion. At the time they would not say who they were! But the loving support, the guidance and the information that they shared was beautiful. We listened, recorded, asked questions, pondered, and experimented with what they were sharing with us. And with that we grew. We expanded. We saw new paradigms. And we had FUN! What was birthing at that time was something new that we called the 111™ Activation. Along with all the details about the 111™ Activation was incredible new knowledge and information about life on the planet, changes afoot, Ascension energies and more.

After nine months of receiving their messages and applying what they were teaching they finally shared their name as the High Council of Orion. I will share with you that it was a good thing they waited those nine months to share their name and origins with me because if they had sprung that one me in the beginning I am not sure I would have continued! By this time I knew and loved them, and most especially, I trusted them. Our connection was growing stronger all the time, but when they finally shared who they were I thought it was one of the strangest things I had ever heard!

What began on that sacred day of 1.11.11 has continued and grown for me. My connection with the High Council of Orion has transformed to the place that I now feel in constant communication and connection with their wisdom and love. I am so honored that they chose me and I said yes. My life has not been the same and for this I am deeply grateful.

As of today four years have passed and hundreds of hours of channeled messages have come through me. I know we are just beginning. I have much to learn to open myself up to even more that they can share with all of us. And if it all stopped tomorrow I know I would bask in the blessings of what they have taught and shown me for the rest of my life.

I am so grateful knowing my connection with the High Council of Orion will continue to grow and expand to allow even greater amounts of their wisdom and knowledge to bless all of us who choose to listen.

And as they always say at the end of each of their messages: “Be Blessed. We are the High Council of Orion”. Yes, I do feel blessed. Thank you.

© 2015 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood

judy kanthack January 12, 2015 at 5:37 am

yes, and i’m so grateful that you did holly ! because of the messages that you have faithfully brought to us, i, also began trying to channel with High Council of Orion. from the message you posted, i believe in a December, about 3 years ago now, that “each of us can do this channeling with them”. and it is amazing that ‘wow… this is real, i can do this, too.’ their words of wisdom come to enlighten us, to encourage us and to be of great help where they can. also, i have done the “111 Activation” with you and ‘The Universal Sphere’ experience came with that. Their words have taught us “that we can ask them daily for attunements”, and so -ooo much more. Because of your dedication Holly, others of us can count High Council of Orion among our beloved friends. and i feel the same way about you. in love and gratitude – judy k.

Holly Hawkins Marwood January 12, 2015 at 1:05 pm

Dear Judy,
Thank you, as always, for your wonderful, heart-felt connection. Your openness to the messages from the High Council of Orion and your subsequent dedicated action around it has been so wonderful to hear about over the past few years. Bless you on your path and together we have all chosen to be in this here and now, experiencing the shifts and changes to be MORE!
Abundant Blessings, Holly

Patrice January 12, 2015 at 10:53 am

Happy Anniversary!!!! Thanks for the beautiful rememberance of those special days on Orcas and for your continuous offerings of the wisdom (and soometimes) humor given by the High Council of Orion!
Be blessed!
I love you, Patrice

Holly Hawkins Marwood January 12, 2015 at 1:05 pm

Thanks, Patrice.
Blessings to you, Holly

Anne Hudec January 12, 2015 at 11:39 am

What makes us capable to be open to receive Spiritual messages and then extend them as valid; – to others? In my present state of perception, this would be extremely difficult. I respect all channeling that is so free to guide in unconditional love and service. Thank you for your sharing.

Holly Hawkins Marwood January 12, 2015 at 1:17 pm

Dear Anne,
Thank you for your question and message. We are all capable of receiving messages and, in fact, most of us do all day every day! It is just that we have not recognized our own “channeling” that can come forward as intuition, synchronicity, following a hunch, saying the right thing at the right time to help someone, and so much more. These are just the beginning of the many examples of our own connection to the greater field of information we are all swimming in.
And how does it happen to choose to “extend them as valid” is a great question! It took a lot of guts on my part. It did not come easily. In fact, when I first took the channeling to a “public” group in which I was physically in front of them (a small group of only about 10 people) I, literally, cried. It was scary and yet I had a knowingness that this is what I was being guided to do, so I did. As the past 4 years have passed, I knew the impact of the information and messages on myself and many others. I saw and experienced that it made a difference. It was meaningful and transforming to many…so I continued.
Has it be meaningful to everyone? NO! We have emails to prove that! LOL! But that is okay too. We live in a vast, incomprehensible Universe where many paths are all possible in the field of Truth. We offer these messages up for those who find meaning and positive connection with them….and that is all. And we are touched when we hear from people that their lives are better, improved, different or more open as a result.
You see, the role of a channel is to allow the information to come forward into this dimension. I am a conduit. It is not mine to judge, just mine to openly share with whomever feels drawn to listen. The High Council of Orion takes care of the rest!
I wish you all the best, Anne, in your journey and deeply appreciate your comments.

Karen Keeney January 13, 2015 at 4:30 pm

Thank you for this lovely remembrance, dear Holly! It is and has been a true joy and privilege to share this remarkable journey with you and our dear friends. I love watching you continue to blossom and grow as a channel and a human. Here’s to continuing the magical experiences as we all evolve!

Much love and gratitude, Karen

Holly Hawkins Marwood January 13, 2015 at 4:52 pm

Dear Karen,
You’re most welcome and it has been a great experience to have gone through this journey and growth….and you have been there through it all with your loving supportive presence. As you say…”here’s to more”!

bert broere January 13, 2015 at 8:05 pm

Happy Anniversary…..ESPAVO……..

Monica Poka January 21, 2015 at 11:18 am

Thank you Holly for this wonderful and exciting sharing. Blessings to you.

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